Our Strategic Approach

When you approach the due diligence stage of your property investment agenda it is vital you have a pre-conceived plan covering your budgets, specific objectives, time frames, and risk assessed ideals.

But what are they and where & how do I find out what I need to know to be successful?

By adhering to our investment checklist you know that each and every point in your strategy is covered, thus helping to avoid the customary emotional purchase and confidently moving forward when the opportunity arises.

With PIA you are provided with all of the following;

Current competitive market analysis

Ideally suited property selection to local demographics

An efficient implementation plan

Cash flow and property investment analysis

A tailored lending structure to maximise your cost-effectiveness & return

Your ideal time frame awareness

Your exit strategy

Alignment with leading property managers

Ongoing support for your future purchasing opportunities.

With your strategic agenda you benefit from a comprehensive assessment and forecast of how you’re property investment suits and is set to perform before confidently choosing your next course of action. Makes sense to us…


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